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Jersey Fabrics

Jersey Fabrics

If you are looking for the best jersey fabrics at an affordable price, then you're in the right place now! Asher Fabric Concepts is where you can find awesome fabrics at competitive prices, and we even offer wholesale fabrics. We cater to clients who typically have established their high-end fashion companies and need a reliable and affordable supplier of premium fabrics for their clothing lines.

Further, we make the purchasing process easy, offering a simple-to-use online store that even the most inexperienced Internet users can quickly adapt to. Plus, we offer a variety of shipping options to get your jersey fabrics to you ASAP.

Jersey Fabric for Activewear?

Jersey fabrics are ideal for active wear collections as they are known for stretching. It is a fabric that is all-natural, and it stretches to a considerable degree. It doesn't stretch a lot, but it stretches enough to provide a comfortable fit for your wearers.

How to Find Out if a Fabric is Jersey

Of course, all of our jersey fabrics are as advertised. However, if you ever want to find out if a fabric really is jersey, then you can do a roll test. To do a roll test, you just need to cut the fabric across. If it's jersey fabric, then it should start to roll a little bit on its own at the cut line. If you pull it, the fabric should roll up completely. If you try to roll it back down, then it will roll back up on its own.

If you conduct this test on a fabric that is not jersey, then you will have different results. For example, if you cut the fabric across and it rolls up slightly, but then you try to pull it back down and it doesn't roll back up; then it is jersey fabric.

How to Use Jersey Fabric

Jersey fabrics can provide a very desirable finish in tee-shirts because the tee-shirts will often have sleeves or hems that roll up completely, making for a great look. Many designers will leave it raw, and in some cases, certain designers will even use a machine to finish the stitch so it's a little more finished. Then, the fabric will roll up again, but it won't ravel.

When you order your jersey fabrics from Asher Fabric Concepts, you will be able to customize your order to your needs. For instance, we can help you decide which fabrics you want and determine if we have enough to meet your demands on an ongoing basis. Additionally, you can choose from a wide variety of jersey fabrics and customize colors and blends. You'll be able to purchase your fabrics by the yard, and certain fabrics are eligible for wholesale purchase, depending on purchase amounts, price, and availability.

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In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requests. Asher Fabric Concepts is proud to offer the leading support service in the online fabric realm. Contact us today and learn how we can help you grow your fashion business.


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